Chemical Humanity

Elements withdraw
As I've been laying it raw
Contemplating so, keep eyes upto your target below
Pain is slow
Presenting flows that glow
Trigger damn target and blow
Fucks given is nil to those parasitic hoes

So here I go with my shot
Not one single second thought
Patiently keeping 'em brains to rot
Turn to a live and breathing psycho-bot

Now this is how I must go
With no more pain to show
The rhythm proud and mellow
They're calling me out for some more

Trapped my discarded feelings
Inside that metal heart that's beating
Slicing and parting them till they're
Bleeding and fainting while I'm here
Singing and playing with all these cons they've been
Saving and craving

Souls which are so damn hard to squeeze
Look around, give in, kiss the sweet-loving breeze
'Cause god knows, he speaks, he talks, he feels, he sees
That humans won't exist anymore to get down on their knees

Trying to simplify my tones
To seep some sense through your bones
All our imaginary thrones
Versus David and his stone
Time for some zabagliones
'Cause sweet is something very bizarre which the end owns



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