Hazel Pulp

I tried to write
But couldn't find
The scabby reasons
To decide
I hate to say that I don't mean to play
With all your gay memories seeming far away

So I won't give up
Daze since the hazel pulp
Swear I'll explode and jump
Over the puny ragbag mermaids
And the stars above

Creepin' under fat baloney
We've been spittin' till we're bleedin'
They've been sittin' and they're stealin'
The feelin' of belongin' to the primitive visions

Hold up
Don't give up
Daze after hazel pulp syrup
Feel the explosion and then fly up and up
Over the dazzling stars above us.

Shine on.


  1. Beautiful sync.I am able to relate this because I felt the same while jotting down my thoughts for the first time

    1. Thank you so much. Means a lot. Hope to give you more.


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