Spiked spine
Straight fade
Blurred pain
Sweet taste
Of that poison cube
Never tasted the same again

Life it was called
Some ignore it with a nod
Some say it's a trip
No wonder you'll lose your grip

Hands tied
Thoughts are free
Paranoia takes her lead
You shake your head
It's chilly, feeling dead
Living the dream which starts to bleed

It's abstract they say,
No role for debate
But abstract in what fucking way?
Can't you relate?

Contradictory emotions
Which destruct and heal
Have no difference
To what you and I mutually feel

It's not what I say or write
It's just how you play and fight
That eerie and urgent plight
Of emotions proving you're a pagan
And lagging behind and you're tagging
Those strong mind-games who're bragging

The faster they go
The louder they scream
Their ego is low
The brightest their beam

The power below
Hasn't seen no defeat
Strength never seen before
Dare witness on repeat?



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